Arena Corinthians

FIFA World Cup 2014 is just around the corner! Most of the fans and sports lovers are now saving up just to join the crowd in a game of FIFA world cup 2014, The most exciting and nerve griping games of the time. The first and the opening match of FIFA World Cup 2014 will be held on the Arena Corinthians stadium. Though it is only recently that we are looking up “FIFA World Cup 2014″ on Google or other search eingines, The authorities have been thinking about this right after the ending match of FIFA World Cup 2010. They had to select the hosting country along with the hosting stadiums.

Arena Corinthians

FIFA World Cup 2014 stadium – Arena Corinthians

FIFA World Cup 2014 stadium – Arena Corinthians

Arena Corinthians Stadium was selected as the stadium which would where FIFA World Cup 2014 opening match will be held though it was the second option. As Morumbi Stadium was the first option they couldnt come up with the funding of RS630 million for the renovations that was asked by the FIFA officials and on 16th June 2010 Morumbi Stadium was omitted from the list. The Local World Cup Commitee suggested the Arena Stadium for hosting the opening match as a second option, On the 10th October 2011 Arena sadium was accepeted by the FIFA authoriteis.

Arena Stadium was planned for renovations and the buget for the renovation was originally RS335 million but after the aproval of FIFA the buget increased to RS1.07 billion! This Price was reduced by cuting down on equipments, furnitures and other costs along with an agreement with the Brazil and FIFA authorities that there wont be any tax on the constructions related to FIFA World Cup 2014.  This got the price down to RS 280 million.


Full name:                                    Arena Corinthians Av.Miguel Inacio Curi,111,Vila

Locations:                                   Carmosina, 08295-005 Sao Paulo  Brazil

Coordinates:                                  23`32’44″s 46`28’24″W

Broke Ground:                                 30 May 2011

Built:                                        31st December 2013

Owner:                                       Club Corinthians Paulista

Operator:                                             Sport Club Corinthians Paulista

Surface:                                               Perennial Ryegrass with artificial Fibers

Scoreboard:                                           Four high-resolution 30 by 7.5 metres or 33 by 8.2 yd LED Screens

Construction Cost:                     RS 820 million

Architect:                                  Anibal Coutinho

Project Manager:                                Andres Sanchez

Structural Engineer:                       Werner Sobek

Services Engineer:                            Frederico Barbosa

Main Contractors:                              NOrberto Odebrecht Construtora

Capacity:                              48,234 

Executive Suites:                                89

Field Dimensions:                              05 by 68 metres

Website:                                              Arena Corinthians Official Website

Public Transit Access:                      Corinthians- Itaquera


Construction Progress

Football fans are now counting the days when FIFA World Cup 2014 will start their opening match on the Arena Stadium. BUT has the construction/ renovation of the “will be one of the most famous stadium” has finished or not and to what extent has the renovations have been completed? And we are most happy to report that by 11th September 2013 the stadium is completed by 90%. So fans can can now relax and take a deep breath that the stadium will be ready by the onpening match of FIFA World Cup 2014.



Those who study the game of football, they would know that the pitch is just more than some open space of field. The Arena Stadium has been given extra treatment for the preperations of the FIFA World Cup 2014. The grass that is placed on the field was originally sugessted to be black grass but that wasnt possible and the FIFA officilas were left with the only opition of using the grass that has a draker shade of green i.e. darker hue. For more improvement the grass will be mixed and intertwined with 22 million artificial fibers and to ensure that the whole field is receving the equal light ultraviolet light is being used.

Ryr grass is being used for its benifits such as the root grow longitudinal which aviods the dangers of tangleing on the foot of the players and the grass doesnt turn yellow easily so it looks pretty.


Technologies and Communications

Those who are joing the crowd on the opening match of FIFA World Cup 2014 willbe glad to know that the whole stadium will cover wi-fi and use smartphones where they will be able to access the game when it starts. The stadium crew will be there to update on the game online and upload short clips and replays. So get your gagets ready to burn!

Scoreboards are one of the most important installations. The will be four scoreboards in the stadium. The scoreboards will be placed above the bleachers, on the north and south ends of the stadium. The stadium will be covered with around 3500 flat panel televisions either individually or as video walls counting up to 3100 stations.



The Arena Corinthians Stadium  is 19 Kiometers east (12 mi) of the City Center and 21 Kilometers (13 mi) from the Sao Paulo- Guarulhos International Airport. There is a Corinthians-Itaquera subway station which is 500m from the Arena Stadium connecting with a railway station.

Due to the FIFA World Cup 2014 there have been speical arrangements allowing the crowd from the World Cup to empty the stadium within short 17 minutes. Along with subway station and railway station the are 61 bus routes which stops close to Arena Corinthians Stadium.


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